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Includes everything you need for gluten-free gingerbread house construction!  These kits are available for purchase November-December and are so much fun to put together for all ages! Look for them under "Holiday Treats Your gingerbread house comes with our dairy free icing and our gluten free candy to decorate your house.  It's the perfect way to enjoy the holidays, building your very own gingerbread house! Its just as fun to build it as it is to eat !!
Who doesn't love pizza.  It's the universal platform for any kind of food really. Top yours with peppers, onions, broccoli or tomatoes!  Healthy and yummy!  Maybe you go for the gusto and make it all manly and meaty!  Loaded with sausage, hamburger and pepperoni.  That will fill you up!  Oh, how about an ethnic flair from the Mediterranean countries with Spinach and Feta! Opa!  Buffalo Chicken...ohh so spicy and tangy.  The best part is putting your favorite toppings on a gluten free pizza.  We... more
There are so many decisions in planning Mom's Big Day!!! Questions like: Who's coming; Are we having Brunch or Lunch or Dinner. And of course, where to go!?  You can find restaurants here on our website that carry the most delicious gluten free baked goods and desserts.  Like warm dinner rolls and baguettes, sweet cinnamon buns, and all the luscious desserts: Boston Cream Cake, Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Jelly Rolls and Pies. To help narrow down the decision making, let's review some of the places... more
Ganache covered Cheesecake
Everyone deserves the best! Whether you go out or stay in, foe your Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Holiday, Graduation, Shower, or any celebration on a sweet note, a gluten free sweet note - one that even the gluten eaters will rave over. Surprise and delight with a beautifully decorated gluten free Cake, Cheesecake, Chocolate Flour-less, Boston Cream, or our variety of Pies or an assortment of pasties or a cookie platter! They will know how much you care and the gluten eaters in your... more
4"Mini Cakes, 1/2 sheet chocolate or vanilla cake,
October is National Celiac Awareness Month. So if you can't eat gluten, no worries, we have it all figured out for you. Our breads are moist and delicious, you certinly won't miss a thing!  Breakfast is easy, try our english muffins, blueberry or coffee cake muffin, maybe a lemon danish or treat yourself to our mouth watering apple cider donuts. Yes, people are able to have their cake and eat it too -- if it's Gluten Free!  So if you are celebrating a birthday,engagement, graduation or  an... more
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That we also make EGG-FREE items? People recognize us as the Gluten-Free bakery and some might even realize that our products are Nut-Free. And our regular customers know most of our items are Dairy-Free - for example our basic breads are dairy free. However, some of our specialty breads do contain dairy and we note it. (Spinach & Feta and Jalapeno Cheddar do contain cheese made with cow milk.) BUT did you know we have EGG FREE items? We get calls and emails every week from people looking... more
After the the last of the special occasion dishes have been put away and the all the Easter Eggs have been hunted, What do you do with all the leftover food?!!! Get creative! Yes, you have been prepping and baking for days in anticipation of THE BIG MEAL and the last thing you want to do is to spend more time making more dishes dirty. THIS WILL BE WORTH IT, I promise! Warm and creamy, I think this could even fringe on the side of breakfast. Ok, maybe breakfast side dish. But eggs, milk and GF... more
Who doesn't love Easter? Spring is in the air, the flowers are blossoming, and the bunnies are hopping around!  Come see us for your favorite Easter treat from carrot cake, raspberry jelly rolls, apple,lemon or blueberry pies, cheesecakes and our adorable iced sugar bunny cookies are the perfect way to enjoy your day! You dont have to miss out on desserts, we are here to make your day special with your family and friends! EVERYONE AT SOMETHING SWEET WISHES YOU A WONDERFUL EASTER CELEBRATION
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We are so very pleased to announce that WHOLE FOODS MARKET carries our breads and dessert. Look for us in the freezer section at most stores, some may have us on the shelves. Are variety of our baked goods are offered in different stores.    
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Whether you are on the islands or in your back yard, this is gluten-free paradise! I like mine with lettuce and tomato, Heinz 57 and french-fried potatoes... And I love it on a soft gluten-free bun. They are soft and delicious. SOFT and delicious, usually not two words that come to mind when you think of a gluten-free hamburger. No matter how you like your burger or what you pile on top of it, you will like yours on this soft, delicious gluten-free bun, too. It's big enough to embrace your... more
Made fresh daily... In the early morning hours, while most of us are still asleep, wonderful things are happening here at Something Sweet Without Wheat. The bakers are busy: tending their dough filling pan after pan, row after row. Some loaves are plain, and some are not. Some loaves are sweet and some loaves are hot. So when you are dreaming of fresh, soft gluten-free bread, don't let a worry pop in your head: Our bakers are here and working away while you are still snug in your bed, long... more
Breads, White Bread
 Our danish is made with a light flaky pastry with enough raspberry or lemon to fill each bite. And gluten and dairy  free of course! Tempted by the more sophicated taste of croissants? Then you need to wrap your taste buds around our gluten and dairy free croissants that are flilled with chocolate or cinnamon.  Ah, the classic cinnamon bun. Need we say more? Except to remind you that they are gluten and dairy free. And for all those kids and kids at heart: our gluten free verison of the "... more
Raspberry and Lemon Danish, ,
Published In: In the News "Something Sweet" by Nicki Porter Link: http://www.glutenfreeliving.com/gluten-free-foods/shopping-gluten-free/s... We are delighted and excited to let you know that we are featured in the June 2015 issue of Gluten-Free Living magazine! Accompanied by beautiful pictures of our mouth watering treats, we had the amazing opportunity to meet with and give Nicki Porter, associate editor/writer of the magazine, a tour of our Woburn facility (as well as a sampling of our... more
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Celebrate National Boss' Day today with YUMMY Gluten-Free, Dairy Free treats that the whole office can enjoy! Some people will use any excuse to have a break from the routine day. I assure you this is not one of those random excuses. Today is National Boss' Day. No, not a nod to Bruce Springsteen. (But I'm sure if he is Gluten-free, he'd enjoy getting one of our Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free cookies, cakes and cupcakes too.) Today is National Boss' Day - celebrated all over the world, in fact. You... more
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Whole Foods Markets carries Something Sweet Without Wheat!   Look for our breads, birthday cakes, and baked sweets in various Whole Foods Markets.  Most stores you will find us in the freezer section, some stores includung Hingham you will find us right on the shelf! Check our Retail Partner Page to find a Whole Foods Market carrying our line near you!
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Considerate Cuisine by Connie Jaske Crane Accomodating wedding guests with special dietary needs. Christine Penney, owner of Something Sweet Without Wheat in Woburn, MA, understands the downsides of food allergies all too well. For years, Christine and two of her children suffered from symptoms related to food allergies. Fortunately though,Christine and her children eventually felt better by eliminating wheat and diary from their diets. To finish reading the article, please click here.
Bake me a gluten-free cake as fast as you can! Have your gluten free cake and eat it too! We can whip up a gluten-free chocolate or vanila cake, for your special occassion lickity-split Our frosting tastes like a buttercream, but it's not, it's dairy free!  From the bridal shower cake to baby's baptism and all the birthdays and holidays and big decisions and events that you share in between - we have a gluten-free cake for you.  We can even add raspberry, lemon or bavarian filling for a fun... more
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HUGE Shoutout to The BEST Bakery Eva!!! I just wanted to "Thank You" for ALL You do. I "Superly" (my youngest daughter's word) Enjoyed the Holiday Merries. The Tiramisu was Amazing! Thank You for Adding to Our Table. You. Are. Appreciated. AND... as Always, I will be back... Or should I say, my Hubby will be back. - Rosa The cinnamon buns were AMAZING. Thanks for helping us enjoy the holidays year after year! - Kim We just had our very first delivery. Everything is delicious. My son is over the... more
We are so proud to be part of the 2014 Culinary Intellegence Summit. This year's speakers will address: How to deliver gluten-free, food allergy and improved nutritional value related culinary solutions in an appetizing and safe manner. Be sure to look for us! We'll be displaying and treating the attendees to our breads, brownies, cookies and more!
Thanks FOOD-DEE for the great review! Bottom Line: If you love a nice treat every now and then, definitely check out SSWW in  Woburn or order a few goodies online. Everything we sampled from the dessert tray was delicious. I highly recommend the pumpkin whoopie pies and any of the breads. I selected the spinach and feta bread, and made a few cold cut sammiches. The bread was soft and tasty, and didn't need to be toasted first.