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Betcha didn't know

That we also make EGG-FREE items? People recognize us as the Gluten-Free bakery and some might even realize that our products are Nut-Free. And our regular customers know most of our items are Dairy-Free - for example our basic breads are dairy free. However, some of our specialty breads do contain dairy and we note it. (Spinach & Feta and Jalapeno Cheddar do contain cheese made with cow milk.) BUT did you know we have EGG FREE items? We get calls and emails every week from people looking for an egg free cake or some other sweet treat. To the average allergy free person this may not be "big news", but to someone with a sweet-tooth who has to avoid all or a combination of these things THIS COULD BE LIFE CHANGING! The best part of this bit of information is that your gluten-eating, dairy-loving, nut fans or egg- eating friends and family probably won? be able to tell the difference. We invite you to enjoy all our egg free as well as gluten-free, nut-free, dairy free products listed below. GLUTEN, NUT, DAIRY and EGG FREE ITEMS Muffins and Tea Breads: blueberry, chocolate chip, pumpkin, and banana Savory items: calzone, pizza (made with rice milk cheese) and pizza crust and pita chips As always please let us know when placing your orders of your preferences.